Stress at work – no matter how hard we try to fight it, it never seems to go away. So let me pose this question: should we be seeking stress reduction, or stress management?

Stress is relative to the individual and its management comes in many forms. Some mental stress examples include the tight lipped approach, which overtime often results in an explosion (like a bottle of fizzy drink in the hot sun), impacting those all around them. Others choose substance abuse to mask emotional challenges, which initially impacts the individual but over time deeply affects others in their network.

Stress and its impact on us, our colleagues and our families is well documented. Science tells us that how we manage (not avoid) stressful situations is the key, especially prevention strategies that give us management skills before we are under the pump. So what are our preventative measures? Some simple self care techniques go a long way to managing stress in the workplace.

Here’s 3 simple go to actions to assist:

1. Happy Place

Step 1 – Remove yourself to a calm location.

Step 2 – 3 big belly breaths, in through nose and out through mouth – sighh!!!!

Step 3 – Close your eyes and think of the person who gives you the most joy in your life.

2. Move it

Step 1 – Identify when and feel how stress shows up in your body.

Step 2 – Shake the arms and legs and get the body moving.

Step 3 – Open up your postures where you are tense and stretch out the stress.

3. Breath it

Step 1 – Count breaths for 1 minute.

Step 2 – Use nasal and deep abdominal breaths.

Step 3 – Focus on elongating the outwards breath.

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Dax Knight is a leadership coach at Vital Aspect. Vital Aspect create online health and wellbeing programs on nutrition, fitness, mindfulness and energy.


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