Boost your fitness, nutrition and mental wellbeing in under 10-minutes per day

The VITAL MOVE program is your 8-week guide to a healthierhappier and more energised life.

The program explores how you can transform your health and wellbeing by applying some simple but powerful principles around movement, posture, fitness, sleep and energy.

The program is created by health professionals and is based on the latest, cutting-edge health science, giving you the most effective tools to “bio-hack” your health.

We know you’re busy and time-poor, so the content is short and sharp. The program includes bite-size videos, exercise demos, tip-sheets and practical instructions, which only takes a couple of minutes per day to complete.

Create a life of vitality today and join us on VITAL MOVE.


Vital Me is a nutrition program that focuses on optimising the body and brain through healthy eating.

The 8-week program covers the latest science on food, digestion, the gut, disease prevention and eating to thrive.

The content is created by health experts and includes bite-size videos, recipes, tip-sheets and ways to ‘bio-hack’ your body!

Optimise your nutrition and vitality today and join us on the VITAL ME program.


The VITAL MIND program is a 8-week journey towards a clear, focused and happy mind. The program explores how you can create mental wellbeing through mindfulness, relaxation techniques, meditation and focus-tools.

VITAL MIND is created by health professionals and is based on the latest brain science. The program is designed for anyone who wants to experiencing mental wellbeing, improve focus, reduce stress or anxiety, and experience more overall happiness.

The content includes bite-size videos, guided audio meditations, tip-sheets and practical instructions, all of which only take a couple of minutes per day to complete.

Give your mind the gift of vitality today and join us on VITAL MIND.



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