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Participant testimonials:

We are really happy with the overall delivery of the Vital Aspect program. The platform was very accessible to busy staff and easy to follow. The short length of each day’s content made it easy to fit in before or during work hours. The results were impressive and staff certainly benefited from the program.

Hugo Anderson, PwC | Manager

It was really easy to engage and listen. I found I maintained all of the information as they were all in bite sized snippets. I found the presenters very relatable and personable and loved all of the animations to help understand points along the way. I have found myself sharing the facts with my partner. I highly recommend them as they are all actual achievable changes.

Stephanie Jones, NSW Health

There’s just so much useable, real-world advice in here. It helps you to be healthier without changing a whole lot about your routine. Really good go-to strategies. Recommended for the armchair fitness enthusiast out there like myself.

Joseph Greathead, Companion Couch

The programs are full of informative and interesting content. Advice is practical and achievable. The presenters engage in a genuine and credible manner. Loved all the programs.

Kathryn Edmunds, FACS

Caelum’s presentation about stress & resilience management was extremely helpful and practical for our workforce. He was engaging and offered good insights and practical tips and tricks for us to implement into daily (busy) lives. Would recommend the presentation for other employers.

Erik, A.T. Kearney manager

Client Case Studies