When your motivation to practice meditation and mindfulness is waning, a great way to get back on track is to learn more and get in touch with the myriad benefits of looking after your mind. As an added bonus, when we learn new information or skills, we actually improve the functioning and health of our brain – so even by watching these TED talks you’ll be doing your brain a favour.


Once you know something, you can’t ‘un-know’ it so make knowledge your super power and be inspired by these six ground-braking TED talks as you create a vital mind:


All it takes is 10 mindful minutes Andy Puddicombe



How to tame your wandering mind – Amishi Jha



The art of stillness – Pico Iyer



A simple way to break a bad habit – Judson Brewer



The happy secret to better work – Shawn Anchor



How we read each other’s minds – Rebecca Saxe



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By Amelia Harvey