Why is it so important and what is the best approach with our move towards a more dynamic work environment?

We have all heard the benefits of wellbeing programs. Increase productivity, reduce absenteeism, and improve staff retention. The individual feels valued at work, can make healthy life choices reducing the burden of disease and is more engaged. Great, but what about those who just can’t get to those lunch and learn education sessions or aren’t in the office when the weekly yoga instructor comes in?


One of the biggest reasons Vital Aspect offer our evidence-based health and behaviour programs digitally is for this reason. It ensures your WHOLE workforce has the ability to benefit from the bite sized; health practitioner designed programs whenever and wherever it suits them. Is it on the commute to work, during their lunch break when working from home, or in their morning team meetings? You are in the drivers seat.

But don’t you lose the personal, individualised approach when going digital? Now that is a good question, in order to achieve the same engagement as a face-to-face session we have used videos delivered in a fun, lighthearted and inspiring way as well as workbooks which guide individuals to delve deeper into the daily topics. Not only this, each program has its own resources such audio downloads with guided mindfulness session, videos with exercise ideas or even cooking demonstration videos to show you just how easy it is to prepare healthy meals. And the stats don’t lie; so far we have had 78% engagement in content from those who have participated in our digital programs with 100% reporting the program having a positive impact on their health and wellbeing.

Going digital also has the benefit of allowing for meaningful and relevant health and performance data that is right at your fingertips. Do you want to know how much your staff are sitting each day, how often they exercise, what about how much sleep they get or how they rate their stress? This quality information is a tool that not only highlights the impact of the program but also makes your job that little bit easier with data to tailoring your future wellbeing initiatives.

So, does your workplace need a boost in mental wellbeing, do they need to get up and moving or do they need a little guidance when it comes to eating to thrive? Our Vital programs are your one stop shop for holistic approach to wellbeing in your workplace.

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