In the year 2018 technology and our relationship to it seems to take precedence over our partners, relationships and even our sleep. Mobile phones, laptops, ipads, kindles, tablets and more have infiltrated their way into our bedrooms with consequential effects on our sleep and yes our ‘performance in the bedroom’

Here are some useful tips to keep you in good shape for optimum performance in the sac

Tip 1.

If you think the wifi may be interrupting your sleep, which is highly possible due to EMF’s (Electric Magnetic Fields) being emitted. Simply get into the habit of turning off your wifi before bedtime, or install an electrical timer to do this for you.

Tip 2.

Install bedroom blinds or curtains to blacken out the room. As our skin has inbuilt light receptors, picking up any form of light can impact our quality of sleep. Go Dark and Go Deep!

Tip 3.

Remove your TV from the room. This will increase communication between you and your partner and almost certainly increase your quality time and love making.

Tip 4.

Purchase a good mattress and get the best for your body composition. If your a big man go firmer and if your wife or partner is on the smaller side, softer maybe their choice. Technology in manufacturing mattresses these days offers you the ability to choose what suits your side. Considering the time we spend on it, its money well spent!

Tip 5.

I know this is a crazy concept but try keeping your mobile phone outside of your bedroom and replace it with an alarm clock. Select one with a shut off dimmer to reduce light pollution in the bedroom, or a traditional buzzer. When you arise fresh, I assure you emails will still be there and your favourite social media apps will still love you after 8 hours of neglect!


“World Health Organisation has now classified mobile phones as a group 2B carcinogen”

Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson


Happy zzzzzzz.


By Dax Knight